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**A few links that I feel are important**


Christian Childrens Fund

Save The Children

Save Abandoned Babies

March Of Dimes

Parents Place


 Links below provided by Maridia, Enjoy.

This is a small compilation of websites that we've been to that we think are cool. So go see for yourself... and stuff.

  • This is a website about Urban Legends.

  • This is one of those game sites, except I like this
    one. It has games like Word Whomp and uhh what's that one... oh yes. Poppit!

  • Download multiplayer games here, most free.

  • The Smoking Gun: Lots of public police files, autopsies, and well... just freaky-deaky shit. S'cool though.

  • Just as the name implies, tons of free graphics... not on the site though, there's links. And lots of 'em.

  • Who Would Buy This place finds weird or stupid auctions online and posts them for all to see.

  • Weird Shit Links: Quoted from the site... 'Stuff you could only find on the internet.'. Pretty neat.

  • Ebaums World: I like this place... funny jokes, pictures, movies, music. You have to see it!

  • Game Creation Resources: Has downloadable programs used for making games. Not bad at all. Long list.

  • This site just rocks... it's funny as hell. You should go. NOW! No, really. You should.

  • Straight Dope: "Battling Ignorance". These people try to answer the unanswerable questions of life. Quite entertaining.

  • Crime Library: Has a load of old crime cases... if you're squeamish... or home alone at night-time... don't read *any* of this shit. Trust me. *shiver*

  • The Joke site. Has funny jokes in there too, believe it or not.

  • Club Laugh: Another joke place with funny pictures and stuff... it's got funny stuff too.

  • Why Files: Sorta like Straightdope... these ppls try to explain shit. Mildly amusing.

 A few of my music links and lyrics

 Find bass & guitar tabs

Launch Music on Yahoo

Virgin Radio

Hard Radio

Premiere Radio Networks

Music Avenue

Hollywood Factory




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