About Me



No one holds command over me.

No man.

No God.

No Prince.

What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal?

What is a claim of power for ones who defy death?

Call your damnable hunt.

We shall see who I drag screaming to Hell with me.

Gunter Dorn, Das Ungeheuer Darin




  •  I am Mari, a level 50 Gith Vampire on Realms of Despair.

  •  Mortal Head of The Symposium.

  •  Member, Gith Nation





The Fyremusik Family

 Daughter of Phred and Myra Fyremusik.

Sister of  Maridia  Emberlyna  Nimue  Zed  Shealkire,

Mischief  Heathir  Mystaric & Gabriele

Zya (Married to Daltorak Astoras 08/30/03)

Great-Grandaughter of Wiglaff Stormcrow

Niece of Myrr Fyremusik

Sister-in-Law to Korith Fyremusik (Married to Sister Mystaric)



Mari's Story


The sky was blue and the sun was warm on her as she sat at the edge of the small stream that was running down from the mountains. A day to herself , which were few and far  between; enjoying the long awaited taste of spring. Losing herself momentarily in a  daydream, she slips off to sleep and awakens as the sun is setting just behind the mountain to a noise that is coming from the nearby woods. She rises slowly to her feet in anticipation of what was to be revealed, flinching as she realizes the sound is the neighing of horses and the cursing of guards. The Illithid King and his men were headed down the path to her village, this caused her to wonder what they were looking for, as she readied herself to follow.


Peering through the trees she could see the villagers being herded together, the guards forcing them all into caged wagons. The men and able bodied workers were being pushed into one wagon and all the woman and small children into another. She saw her Mother and Father separated and  each moved the same as the others. She was afraid and alone, she hid there until the the Illithid were gone. That would be the last time she saw her parents.


Night in its hidden magic has fallen and she hears now the creatures of the shadows . She unsheathes her weapon and musters her courage for what she may encounter along the pathway. As the trail twists and turns around the mountain side, she remembers the tale of a beautiful Vampire who haunts these lands. A familiar growl is heard before the lioness crosses the pathway. The cat was not hers as she belonged to no one; a beautiful creature and a companion since childhood. Her fur shined under the moonlight and her eyes bore a wisdom that Mari
had not seen in any creature. A special animal indeed but none knew the true nature of this majestic beast. Reaching a cliff, she was able to look down the mountain into the valley; never was there a more hollow feeling, than looking down into her burning homeland. Even amidst the tragedy the spring has brought life to that which was seemingly dead. As she followed the lioness farther into the woodlands she could feel the presence of evil, something dark. She panicked and ran but it was to no avail. The beautiful mistress caught her and in a short embrace she feel lifeless to the ground. She awoke seemingly years later with a renewed outlook on life, She was now Mari Fyremusik, the blood daughter of the beloved Myra, a child of darkness. She will forever roam these realms in the darkness to capture the innocent and bring them to the Dark Lord. Centuries have passed and her former life has all but faded away. She barely remembers her days as a youth, only a glimpse of what life was being mortal remains.




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