Realms of Despair is a multiplayer interactive medieval adventure game (a MUD). It is text based, but supports ANSI color and RIP graphics...and can be very addictive.

Newbie Info &Tips    (Leveling guide to be added soon Levels 2-20)

A couple nice PROMPTS I use 

[help prompt] for more info.

You can copy and paste these into your mud client.

Vampire types

[Regular Prompt]
Prompt &Y^x%h/%Hhp &R^x%b/%Bbp &G^x%v/%Vmv &P^x%X &R^x%c&w^x
[Fight Prompt]
FPROMPT &Y^x%h/%Hhp &R^x%b/%Bbp &G^x%v/%Vmv &P^x%X &R^x%c&w^x

Mana User Prompts ( Not Vampire =P )

[Regular Prompt]
Prompt &Y^x%h/%Hhp &C^x%m/%Mmp &G^x%v/%Vmv &P^x%X &R^x%c&w^x 
[Fight Prompt]
fprompt &Y^x%h/%Hhp &C^x%m/%Mmp &G^x%v/%Vmv &P^x%X &R^x%c&w^x




Player Pages







If you are a new player and are in trouble Realms

has a Newbie Council to help you, The NC is comprised of

 members of the RoD community who are willing to help.

Typing 'WHO NC' will give you a list

of the Newbie Counselors online.

They are not there to abuse, they take time out of their

game play to assist new players.

BUT they aren't there to help you level or get equipment!!

Be sure to thank them =)


Realms of Despair


**If any links are outdated or do not work mudmail or email me and let me know. Thanks =)**









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